LMR Supercharged Package(add 200+HP)
LMR Twin Turbo System(1000+HP)


Add 200+ Horsepower
1000+ Horsepower
  • NOVI 2000 gear-driven supercharger provides whisper quiet operation with unmatched dependability
  • Complete fuel system upgrade includes dual high-flow fuel pumps, fuel control unit, fuel lines and wiring harness for safe, reliable operation
  • Stand-alone timing control computer for seamless acceleration
  • High-flow bypass valves provides surge-free compressor operation
  • Oil feed and oil drain assemblies deliver the best possible lubrication and cooling for the supercharger ,even under sustained boost conditions
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat-resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps
  • High-strength billet aluminum supercharger mounting plate assembly
  • Supercharger drive system includes the necessary belts, pulleys, and belt tensioner
  • Integrated air-to-water, dual pass charge cooler configuration allows for additional horsepower gains and features a closed loop, maintenance-free design
  • High-flow, reusable air filter
  • Compatible with factory OBD II engine management systems


LMR custom twin turbo system
-Precision Turbos
-Tial wastegates
-Tial Blow off valves
-Custom built Air to Air Intercooler
-Custom fuel system
-Fully forged Engine
-Stroker Crank
-Forged Pistons
-Billet Connecting rods
-Billet Main Caps
-ARP Main Studs
-Professionally Blueprinted and Assembled
-Port and Polished Cylinder Heads
-Custom grind camshaft
-T&D rockers with hardened pushrods
-Upgraded Clutch
-All Necessary gaskets, fluids, and hardware
-Custom Dyno Tune

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