Add 150+ Horsepower with no sacrifices in reliability or fuel economy.

Late Model Racecraft offers 3 supercharger options to add some serious horsepower to your car. These include a Magnuson TVS2300, a Procharger D1SC, or an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kit. If you have any other kits you would prefer, just give our sales staff a call so you can get twisted!

Starting at $9999 Installed with 3 Year/36,000 Powertrain Warranty.

Magnachargers intercooled, roots-style Eaton Twin Vortices Series TVS 4-lobe superchargers lead the industry in efficiency, drivability, and reliability.

ProChargers patented, self-contained, gear-driven centrifugal superchargers eliminate tapping into your oil pan, run cooler and produce more power than any of our competitor’s supercharger kits.

Edelbrock E-Force can boost the power in your Corvette or Camaro to near ZR1 performance! These new E-Force Supercharger Systems are exclusively tailored to boost your performance.

Superchargers can be added to Stock and LMR Performance Packages



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