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LMR is here to help you put together the right performance modifications for your vehicle and your driving expectations. Not everyone is a naturally born gearhead with horsepower in their blood so we don’t expect you to know everything. Deciding on a single power adder may spark a requirement of other parts to coexist with each other. Our trained sales staff will suggest options to work within your budget and best results for your vehicle. Knowing if your vehicle is stock or previously modified helps us start a conversation and produce a quote.


Below are the usual power adders and performance modifications.



LMR performance vehicles are meant to be driven. Recently we’ve created the LMR Race Force which is a tight circle of customers who know where and when we attend private and public events.  From car cruises and meets to quarter mile and half mile action LMR will be there to support our customers and provide unforgettable experiences within the LMR Race Force.   Joining is easy, you just have to be an existing customer with LMR badging or decals on your vehicle.  

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