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Faster Better Stronger

Builds often take 1 day to a few weeks based on the scope of the project. During this time our salesman keeps the customer informed throughout frequent checkpoints and if any concerns arise beyond the initial scope of the build.  Our in-house videographer/photographer provides content for social media and also for private records for proof of installations and discovery.   

We start all builds off with a baseline dyno to see how the car performs measuring Horsepower and Torque at the wheel. Any any concerns like excess smoke, odd noises or significate loss of power lets us know there maybe deeper unforeseen problems which will be brought up with the customer before work begins.

When the vehicle is compete it is then run on the dyno and the ECU is calibrated for the new power adders.  A new dyno Horsepower and Torque graph is compared to the baseline dyno graph to show before and after results.